About Us

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Personalized Approach

Our Electricians perform a wide variety of tasks, including wiring homes or offices, replacing old electrical systems, and maintaining existing systems. They’re also called upon for inspections, repairs, and updates. It can be busy, exciting, and rewarding work.

The industry is also growing faster than the national average and the Department of Labor predicts that nationally there will be more than 74,000 new electrician jobs by 2028 for qualified workers.

CG Electrical is at the cutting edge and each electrician brings to the workplace a set of skills that include:

  • Technical ability

  • Communication skills

  • Business know-how

  • Attention to detail and more...

Excellence and Professionalism

In the electrical industry, the customer or end-user of our services will determine whether we perform future work. Therefore, it’s important that when people think of CG

Electrical, they think of quality, professionalism, safety, and overall excellence. When that happens, CG Electrical is seen as the first choice for the job. With that as our objective, the goals of our company are to:

  • Create a culture where safety is a top priority
  • Hold one another accountable to the standards of excellence

  • Provide a mechanism for addressing issues on job before they escalate

  • Promote a sense of pride in our work

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Insured and Guaranteed

We guarantee that your electrical project will be completed on or before the date we have promised. We guarantee our workmanship for a period of 1 year. If your service gives you any trouble at any time during that period, we will repair the problem free of charge.


We guarantee that all materials used will be as specified and up to the code in your area. We guarantee to protect the conditions of your home.